Brahmacharya: Mindfulness Fundamentals

The first quarter of life is about learning the "rules" of life, self-discipline, focus, and efficiency. When you build a foundational mindfulness practice during these years, you build a life-long skill of resilience. Learn more and enroll.

Grihastha: Mindfulness for the Householder 

The second quarter of life is about balancing between duties and dreams. You learn to stay calm while juggling many duties by living mindfully during these years and by using life experiences as lessons. Learn more and enroll.

Diksha: Mindfulness for the Parents

During the Grihastha stage, parents are born - trying to be the best they could be. Parenting could be overwhelming and stressful. This phase is your initiation to life's spiritual experience. Your child is your "guru".  Learn more and enroll.  

Vanaprastha: Mindfulness for the Elderly

The third quarter of life is when you retire the householder responsibilities and enjoy a state of magnanimity. You learn to fearlessly enjoy the small things in life, while self-soothing the aches of old age. Learn more and enroll.

Vritti: Mindfulness for the Corporations

"You have the right to work, but not to the fruits of that action." - Bhagvad Gita. Easier said than done, right? Surprisingly, when you are mindful at work, you are calmer, effective, and efficient. Learn more and enroll.