Parenting is the most rewarding job. Sometimes the most stressful. After all, you have the responsibility for raising these little lives. In reality, there is a flip side to parenting. Parenting is an opportunity to learn and grow into mindful beings. Imagine your little ones as your guru's. Their contagious sense of awe, innate presence is an invitation for parents to awaken their long-lost mindful awareness. Every meltdown is a reminder for parents to learn how to pause instead of reacting emotionally. This gives your children a mindful role model to grow up to.

Let your little guru initiate you into parenting in this 4-step mindfulness workshop. Each session focuses on building 2 mindfulness skills to practice as parent. After each session, you will take home practical tips for mindful parenting. 


Session 1: Beginner's Mind Parenting

Skills built: Responding instead of reacting, and viewing kids as our little guru's.

Session 2: Reconnecting with the Parent Body

Skills built: Short-circuiting stress through body, and learning child's physical cues.

Session 3: Re-wiring Subconscious Patterns

Skills built: Understanding subconscious parenting triggers, and techniques to calm down when they strike.

Session 4: Setting mindful limits

Skills built: Loving kindness, and mindful disciplining.