Mindfulness is a trait of staying in the moment. You could become mindful by spending just a few minutes a day in mindfulness meditation. Research shows that mindfulness is an effective tool in staying healthy - both physically and mentally. The end result? Less stress and more happiness.

Our 4-step mindfulness workshops build your mindfulness skills and teach you how to stay calm - even when things aren't always going as expected. After these 1 session you would start noticing the difference. After your 4th session those around you will notice the difference. 


Session 1: Mindfulness Basics

Skills built: Responding instead of reacting, and seated mindfulness meditation.

Session 2: Body Awareness to Short-circuiting Stress 

Skills built: Reconnecting with the body and noticing stress in the body.

Session 3: Stopping Subconscious Triggers

Skills built: Subconscious trigger identification and Tonglenmeditation to face emotions.

Session 4: Continuing the Practice

Skills built: Loving kindness meditation and mindfulness in daily life.